Jaws (1975) Film Review


Dur…dum…dur dum…duuuuuur DUM. Dundundundundundundundundu-okay I’ll stop now.

Jaws takes place in the middle of nowhere on a remote island being hit by shark attacks. The first half of the movie is the shark claiming victims whilst the mayor decides to keep the beach open for business. But by the second half, Police Chief Brody decides to put a stop to it and goes on a shark hunt with a marine scientist and a fisherman. I’d say the people who were killed got what was coming to them for going out so far to sea, but then we wouldn’t have our big thriller, so I’ll play along.

Most people remember the tension built before each attack, and who can blame them? With John Williams iconic theme to the fact that you only get the first proper look at the shark by the end, it’s very effective stuff, and the point of the first half is to build tension before the big hunt, and it works very well. (especially THAT scene with the abandoned boat, scared me sh*tless)

The second half sees our three heroes attempting to murder the shark, and while that’s also done well, it can also get a bit tiring after a while. Even though this is very much a film about tension, things start to get repetitive when they just keep harpooning barrels at this shark (an animatronic shark that still holds up, I should add). But it does build up to a satisfying climax that makes the more dull scenes worth sitting through, it just takes a bit too long to get there.

So as a whole, Jaws still holds up and it will most definitely continue to keep people from going into the water, or at least going out really goddamn far, which is a very sensible thing to teach audiences, so good job!



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