Birdman (2014) Film Review


Tell me if this person sounds familiar: An actor famous for playing a superhero who didn’t have much fame after that now trying to get popularity again. They really couldn’t have cast anyone else but Michael Keaton, could they?

Yes, Keaton plays a once popular actor struggling to get more fame. But Riggan Thomson’s only famous for the role of Birdman, and he’s trying to get back on top with a new stage show he’s directing and starring in. Things don’t go quite so smoothly for him though, as one of the actors gets under everyone’s skin, a critic promises to give him a bad review, and to top it all off, he keeps hearing Birdman in his head, trying to get him to ditch the play. So all in all, not the smoothest running production backstage.

Pretty much the first thing you’ll notice about the film is the cinematography. The entire film is made to look like it’s all just one continuous shot. (with a couple of brief exceptions) Even if you can’t get into the story, you can at least appreciate how originally it’s filmed, and it looks fantastic. But I was also able to get into the story of how this guy is desperate for fame and also kind of insane. The acting from pretty much everyone was fantastic, and it helps carry the events along, to the point where it didn’t feel like two hours long, with no point of it dragging on.

This is a movie I absolutely recommend that you see at least once, even just to see how cleverly it’s filmed, but you’ve also got interesting events being filmed, so that’s a plus. Also, Michael Keaton’s got a bit of a popularity boost from this movie, so in a way he and Thomson got what they wanted in the end…


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