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Field of Dreams (1989) Film Review


What is a films purpose? Is it to make us reconsider our understanding of life, challenge our perception on a certain topic, or give us a thought provoking experience? It can be those things, but any filmmaker should make their movie with the main purpose to entertain the audience. Field of Dreams doesn’t set out to be anything other than simple entertainment, and it succeeds in doing so.

It’s a simple premise: Kevin Costner is an ordinary farmer until he hears a mysterious voice say “If you build it, he will come…” So he builds a baseball field over his crops (it makes sense in the film, trust me) and soon dead baseball players come to play on the field. The voice instructs him to do more things, and the rest of the film is him just going around trying to figure out what the voice is trying to tell him to do.

Writing down the premise certainly made me realize it must sound bonkers to someone who hasn’t seen the film, but the film does a great job of making this strange idea work in this world. Heck, you never find out where the voice is actually coming from, but it’s the kind of movie where you simply roll with it. And as I said, it’s just enjoyable! It didn’t blow my mind or make me question my life, it’s purely simple entertainment, and that’s more than enough for me.

Field of Dreams won’t be remembered as a masterpiece, I doubt you’ll see it on anyone’s favourite movies list, and there’s nothing particularly artistic about it. With that said, I’d happily watch it again, and sometimes it’s nice to just sit back and just enjoy a film. It’s nothing amazing, but to be honest, I wouldn’t want it any other way.